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    Buy viagra 25mg Beginning in one's 30s, it's not unheard of for certain issues to set in, like fatigue, mood swings, and even decreased libido. More expert medical health advice on female libido enhancers visit our very informative health blog. Schedule a Consultation Discovered in 1930, testosterone has become one of the most researched hormones in the medical community. Hormones play a crucial role in the operation of the endocrine system and the body as a whole, so you need a qualified physician who can properly diagnose the problem and recommend a solution. In fact, Dr. Mikhail Berman, a physician who has served men in the Palm Beach Gardens area for nearly 30 years, believes that testosterone injections are really the only form of low t treatment that offers patients the necessary solution. Since injections can be carefully customized to contain the proper dosage and can be expertly administered, the results following this form of treatment have been largely successful. 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